South East

The South East is the common collective reference for the nations of Kragspeak, Gulladpan, and Hyran. The nations’ borders were drawn as a part of the Pykes-Pico Agreement and cut through major historical, religious, and cultural areas, important to the tribes of the defeated Fledeman Empire.

Since the Pykes-Pico Agreement, the South East has been in constant war, turmoil, and strife as the tribes fight for their pieces of history and religious lands.

Two cities in particular are hotly contested among the tribes of the South East: Maglubiyet City and Meka.

Though the South East is far from an alliance, the revelation of the Pykes-Pico Agreement by Altondale has created a common enemy in Tulduroc and Shri Nelanos.

The key tribes of the area are Zinabu, Elgibria, Gaar, Ofras, Karkas, Pho Im, Pho Nagdara, and The Heart of Maglubiyet.

South East

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