My backstory
I (Rod) have spent the last few years amongst high society as a result of my noble birth. As a recognizable socialite my fame extends to the common folk who make every effort to accommodate my desires and avoid my displeasure. Because of my place in high society people generally assume I have the right to be where ever I am. People of high birth treat me as a member of the same social sphere, and I can secure an audience with a local noble if I need to.

I have always frequented the taverns and have met many good friend there over the years. I helped scheme up Infinity Solutions as an amusing joke along with a few friends one night after many pints at the tavern. We all laughed about how funny it would be to start a company, but in the weeks that followed some friends had actually secured a space and erected a sign “Infinity Solutions”. In the same time period an affair I was having with a certain politicians daughter surfaced to the public and I decided it was a great time to lay low and begin a life of adventure for hire. I joined Infinity Solutions and hope to get this company off the ground and restore my good name.



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