Root Nerds

Chapter Three

Escape from Falshire - Operation 'Rebel Yell'

The group, now members of the Magpies, execute an elaborate plan – codename ‘Rebel Yell’ – to hijack the Tulduroc supply wagon and smuggle the persecuted members of the clergy out of Falshire.

Galaron Kuskyn and Mindartis Dain assume the armor, clothing, and weapons of the slain Tulduroc Guards and station themselves on the supply path near The Morning Sun Cathedral in Falshire. Gediuan Lightsworn skillfully convinces the guards of the supply wagon to assist in the capture of a cutpurse – played by Desmun Fatree – while Galaron and Mindartis attest that they will watch the supply cart. The two Tulduroc Guards chase after Desmon, who leads them on a merry chase. During this time, Father Tavish and his clergymen board the supply wagon and Mindartis skillfully navigates the wagon through the busy streets of Falshire.

Upon reaching their final stop at the South Gate of Falshire. Mindartis and Galaron proceed to unload the goods, deciding to smuggle some wine and flour back into the cart in the empty barrels they removed. All was going according to plan…

Without warning, Captain Gerrian, the Tulduroc in charge of the garrison at the South Gate emerged from the barracks and Mindartis skillfully persuaded the Captain that they were on their way, and nothing was out of the ordinary. However, Captain Gerrian was alerted to their shenanigans when he noticed the large head of Big G poking up above a barrel, and he began to give chase.

As Captain Gerrian yelled “Stop!” and began running to catch up to the wagon, Mindartis whipped Festiramos the horse into second gear. As Captain Gerrian ran up behind Galaron, the street fighter turned and landed a massive uppercut into the surprised chin of the Captain of the Guard who was in mid-yell, causing him to bight through his tongue. Galaron turns with the grace of an elf and the speed of a street fighter, however his quickness could not out-pace the rage-induced swing of Captain Gerrian’s short sword, which cleaved him from shoulder to waist from behind, dropping him to the ground. Gediuan, upon hearing his friend cry out in pain, jumped to the back of the speeding cart and reached down to grab his downed friend, dragging his unconscious body behind the wagon as it sped toward the gate.

Big G leaps from the back of the moving wagon to cover the retreat, feeling the need to protect his comrade, Big G feels a Rage building inside himself which he unleashes as he encounters Captain Gerrian. Skillfully piloted by Mindartis Dain – who’s horse-handling skills appeared to be a hidden Talent the young elf did not know he possessed – the wagon drifts out through the gate under a hail of arrows, with Gediun barely holding onto an unconscious Galaron. Adran Nailo covered the retreat from his vantage point in the trees, skillfully bringing down the archers on the walls with ease.

As Gediuan Lightsworn attempts to pull the wounded Galaron Kuskyn into the wagon, Father Tavish comes to his aide, and as the both pull Galaron into the wagon Gedium is amazed to witness what the legends spoke of as True Healing. As Father Tavish lay his hands upon Galaron, the wound in his back miraculously began to close, slow at first and then with increasing speed. Galaron slowly regains consciousness, as Gediuan looks at Father Tavish in disbelief. The two share a meaningful look, and Father Tavish quietly says, “We will talk later, my son…”



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