A lesser Elven god of poetic justice, revenge, and retribution.

Targorr used to be a follower of Heironeous but felt that punishments were not fitting. It took the sometimes harsh actions of the legendary paladin St. Ferrante to push Targorr to leave. Heironeous and Targorr both claim St. Ferrante as their own.

“His followers seek out victims of injustice, hear and appraise their stories, and track down the perpetrators in order to inflict a fitting form of punishment. No injustice is too small or too large for revenge to be sought and a fitting punishment meted out, earning the church of [Targorr] the ire of town watches as well as the adulation of the downtrodden.”

His followers also protect wood elves, their small tribal communities, and the forests in which they live.

“There is no organized church of [Targorr], but some cities have small individual shrines set up by his disciples.”

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Elf, Forest, Poetic Justice, Protection, Revenge, Retribution

Via: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoar_(Forgotten_Realms)


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