There are 365 days in the year, split up into twelve months of thirty days, with five holidays that fall between some months. The seasons run like they do for the northern hemisphere. Though each week consists of ten days, called a tenday (3 in each month). The days of the week/tenday are called Firstday, Starday, Sunday, Moonday, Godsday, Waterday, Earthday, Altday, Freeday, and Enday. Every four years, another holiday called Shieldmeet is added as a leap day immediately following the Midsummer holiday.

1. Deepwinter (Winter)

  • Midwinter holiday
    2. The Claw of Winter (Winter)
    3. The Claw of the Sunsets (Winter)
  • Greengrass holiday
    4. The Claw of the Storms (Spring)
    5. Mirtul (Spring)
    6. Wealsun (Low Summer)
    7. Flamerule (High Summer)
  • Midsummer holiday
  • Shieldmeet (only on leap years)
    8. Highsun (High Summer)
    9. The Fading (High Summer)
  • Highharvestide holiday
    10. Marpenoth (Autumn)
    11. Uktar (Autumn)
  • The Feast of the Moon holiday
    12. The Drawing Down (Winter)

Notable holy days and holidays observed in Bremer and other goodly nations:

  • Newmass, 1st of Deepwinter(1). Heironeans celebrate the new year by reflecting on the past year and giving one another gifts.
  • Breadgiving Day, 4th of Deepwinter(1). On this day, clerics of Pelor, Rao, and Saint Cuthbert distribute food to the poor.
  • Midwinter holiday. The Midwinter holiday is a festival that marks the midpoint of winter.
  • Greengrass holiday, includes The Feast of Edoira and the Wild Ride. Greengrass is a festival to welcome in the first day of spring. Goodly clerics of many faiths, including Pelor, Rao, Heironeous, Moradin, and Yondalla join in this interfaith celebration called The Feast of Edoira. Centuries ago, Edoira established a pact by which many of the lawful good-aligned faiths and people could agree to cooperate. Worshipers of Mielikki observe planting rites and the Wild Ride, when herds of unicorns assemble and allow them to ride bareback through the forest.
  • Midsummer holiday, includes Agelong. The day of the Summer Solstice is also known as the Holy Day of Pelor. Agelong is a holy day in which elves hunt for orcs to slay in memory of Corellon’s battle against the god of the orcs, Gruumsh. Though, in many areas, the celebration, at least publicly, is celebrated more peacefully with feasts and giving of elf and orc dolls.
  • Shieldmeet, includes the Day of Corellon’s Peace. Shieldmeet is the equivalent of a leap year day, occurring once every four years, adding a day after the festival of Midsummer. This day is used for fairs, bazaars, musical and theatrical performances, and tournaments of skill and magical ability. Nobles usually hold court to hear the petitions of their people and to make or renew trade pacts, alliances, and agreements. The Day of Corellon’s Peace is celebrated by goodly elves.
  • Highharvestide holiday, includes Beerfest and St. Ferrante’s Day Highharvestide is a feast to celebrate the harvest and the abundance of food, but also the time when those wishing to travel leave on their journeys before winter sets in. Beerfest, a dwarven holy day celebrating brewers, beer, and Hanseath, is also celebrated by many humans and elves. Often celebrated in tandem with St. Ferrante’s Day, the celebrations have become almost indistinguishable from one another, seeming instead as one festivity. St. Ferrante’s Day is a Heironean holy day. The likeness of Ferrante is paraded about, candy is thrown at children, and much food is consumed.
  • The Feast of the Moon holiday, includes Valormight. The Feast of the Moon, or Moonfest, traditionally marked the onset of winter. It was also a time to celebrate and honor the ancestors and the respected dead. Worshipers of Chris Hemsworth call for storms and lightning. Valormight is an ancient holy day commemorating a ten-month war in which Heironean forces are said to have been outnumbered six to one by Hextorians, yet still managed to confine the Hextorians to the lands east of the Flanmi River.
  • Communion, 10th of The Drawing Down(12). It is a day of quiet introspection for followers of Heironeous.

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