Tag: Nation


  • Bremer

    Bremer is a strong nation that lies at the western end of the [[Dendros Sea | Dendros Sea]]. The kingdom is ancient but remains vigorous. Old forests dominate the landscape and national character. Humans predominate in Bremer, and they are justly proud of …

  • Tulduroc

    *Stub* Tulduroc's citizens are as diverse as [[Bremer | Bremer]] but the military's soldiers are primarily comprised of orcs. Different orc generals have their own symbol (think companies in the army). Its shadowy... Its capital is Qualcom. …

  • Altondale

    *Stub* A Northern [[Pangeros | Pangeros]] nation. Its capital is Laskip. Notable locations: [[Ernesto Rockheart's Puke Hall A-go-go | Ernesto Rockheart's Puke Hall A-go-go]] and the [[Standing Stone | Standing Stone]]. Altondale is currently …

  • Eaglecrest

    The Northern-most nation of [[Pangeros | Pangeros]]. Its capital is Longshot. Other notable locations: [[Rivercrest | Rivercrest]], an elven city