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  • Bremer

    Bremer is a strong nation that lies at the western end of the [[Dendros Sea | Dendros Sea]]. The kingdom is ancient but remains vigorous. Old forests dominate the landscape and national character. Humans predominate in Bremer, and they are justly proud of …

  • Falshire

    Falshire, the capital of [[Bremer | Bremer]], is a booming city of some 37,000 folk. While the nation is largely represented by humans, Falshire has the highest racial diversity of any city in Bremer with about 15% of the city being non-humans. In the …

  • Alendar Falls

    Alendar Falls is the largest fishing village in [[Bremer | Bremer]]. Its fishermen brave the tumultuous [[Dendros Sea | Dendros Sea]] to catch every Bremer’s favorite fish, the poisonous [[Quilled Purple Fin | Quilled Purple Fin]].

  • Mithral Stags

    The Mithral Stags are an elite army of battle-tested warriors sworn to protect [[Bremer | Bremer]].

  • The Coiled Barbican

    The Coiled Barbican is a powerful and accomplished guild of spellcasters that even the [[Tulduroc | Tuldurocee]] respect. The Coiled Barbican is shrouded in mystery and has served [[Bremer | Bremer]] in council, leadership, law enforcement, and military …

  • Arsanith

    Arsanith is a mysterious monastery in [[Bremer | Bremer]]. Its construction is not recognizable to most and doesn't resemble anything else in Bremer. Even the construction materials aren't recognizable. Few know details about the interior of the monastery …