Root Nerds

Chapter Three
Escape from Falshire - Operation 'Rebel Yell'

The group, now members of the Magpies, execute an elaborate plan – codename ‘Rebel Yell’ – to hijack the Tulduroc supply wagon and smuggle the persecuted members of the clergy out of Falshire.

Galaron Kuskyn and Mindartis Dain assume the armor, clothing, and weapons of the slain Tulduroc Guards and station themselves on the supply path near The Morning Sun Cathedral in Falshire. Gediuan Lightsworn skillfully convinces the guards of the supply wagon to assist in the capture of a cutpurse – played by Desmun Fatree – while Galaron and Mindartis attest that they will watch the supply cart. The two Tulduroc Guards chase after Desmon, who leads them on a merry chase. During this time, Father Tavish and his clergymen board the supply wagon and Mindartis skillfully navigates the wagon through the busy streets of Falshire.

Upon reaching their final stop at the South Gate of Falshire. Mindartis and Galaron proceed to unload the goods, deciding to smuggle some wine and flour back into the cart in the empty barrels they removed. All was going according to plan…

Without warning, Captain Gerrian, the Tulduroc in charge of the garrison at the South Gate emerged from the barracks and Mindartis skillfully persuaded the Captain that they were on their way, and nothing was out of the ordinary. However, Captain Gerrian was alerted to their shenanigans when he noticed the large head of Big G poking up above a barrel, and he began to give chase.

As Captain Gerrian yelled “Stop!” and began running to catch up to the wagon, Mindartis whipped Festiramos the horse into second gear. As Captain Gerrian ran up behind Galaron, the street fighter turned and landed a massive uppercut into the surprised chin of the Captain of the Guard who was in mid-yell, causing him to bight through his tongue. Galaron turns with the grace of an elf and the speed of a street fighter, however his quickness could not out-pace the rage-induced swing of Captain Gerrian’s short sword, which cleaved him from shoulder to waist from behind, dropping him to the ground. Gediuan, upon hearing his friend cry out in pain, jumped to the back of the speeding cart and reached down to grab his downed friend, dragging his unconscious body behind the wagon as it sped toward the gate.

Big G leaps from the back of the moving wagon to cover the retreat, feeling the need to protect his comrade, Big G feels a Rage building inside himself which he unleashes as he encounters Captain Gerrian. Skillfully piloted by Mindartis Dain – who’s horse-handling skills appeared to be a hidden Talent the young elf did not know he possessed – the wagon drifts out through the gate under a hail of arrows, with Gediun barely holding onto an unconscious Galaron. Adran Nailo covered the retreat from his vantage point in the trees, skillfully bringing down the archers on the walls with ease.

As Gediuan Lightsworn attempts to pull the wounded Galaron Kuskyn into the wagon, Father Tavish comes to his aide, and as the both pull Galaron into the wagon Gedium is amazed to witness what the legends spoke of as True Healing. As Father Tavish lay his hands upon Galaron, the wound in his back miraculously began to close, slow at first and then with increasing speed. Galaron slowly regains consciousness, as Gediuan looks at Father Tavish in disbelief. The two share a meaningful look, and Father Tavish quietly says, “We will talk later, my son…”

Yendak's Intel

After the brutal slaying of the two drunken guards, Yendak suggests the group find a way to dispose of the bodies, and hopes there are no repercussions when the two men don’t turn up for guard duty.

Yendak offers intel that other members of the Magpies have supplied. He mentions that most food deliveries arrive through the East Gate of Falshire, make several stops at the different guard stations and store houses. The small caravans are often between 1-3 wagons, and depart through the South Gate after making a final stop at the last store room as shown by his map. Guard_Entrance.jpg

Yendak has had the Magpies observe and track the path of the caravan, and have marked it on the following map. Krismorel Loyalar, a local artisan reports the caravan arrives in the East Gate, and takes the main route past the church and follows the main bazaar route to the North Gate. Panros Torgarsaxe informs that the caravan takes around 15 minutes to make it to the North Gate, where they spend the same amount of time unloading before continuing on. Therlynn Pegason notes that the caravan arrives at the Seawatch Barracks 5-10 minutes after leaving the North Gate and usually spends 30 minutes inside. Yendak then confirms that the caravan heads to the South Gate, utilizing a winding path that avoids the harbor that takes around 45 minutes to complete. falshire_caravan_route.jpg

Yendak hopes any of this information will help the group and employs them to be cautious in their task. He reminds them that anyone besides Tulduroc guards that bears military equipment is subject to detainment. Adran Nailo has been questioned on multiple occasions when leaving the city with his bow to go hunt.

Galaron’s Actions
My two immediate concerns are the departed Tuldurocians and the concerned patrons of the Twilight Inn.

Not being much of a smooth talker, I implore Des to talk to the patrons and to appeal to the their patriotic side by telling them the need to fight back against Tulduroc any way possible.

As for the bodies, I feel that hiding the bodies in the church like Gediuan suggested is risky due to the extra attention churches have been recently receiving. I suggest we bring them to Adran’s butcher’s shop for disposal. Perhaps we can tear bits of their uniforms off and have Adran place them somewhere outside of the walls, near a gate to make it look like they stumbled out into the wood at night.

Next I recommend acquiring some arms and armor from Big G’s shop before undertaking our little quest. Hiding them wherever we plan on jumping the caravan.

Finally, I think we should try to create a diversion to stop the caravan in its tracks along the way. It should be near a safe place for us to setup: possibly a Magpie member’s house.

Chapter Two
Yendak and the Magpies

Desmun Fatree,Gediuan Lightsworn, Glanrond Galaron, Mindartis Dain, and Big G meet at the Twilight Inn, one of the only places in Falshire that still feels like it did before the Treaty of Irvel’s Gorge. But on this night, two Tulduroc soldiers are in attendance, reminding the group of friends of the blight that infests their city and home.

Also at the inn on this particular evening is Yendak Dryadson, a well-known merchant in Falshire and a man who is respected by both the Elites and the lower class folk for his record as being a fair and honest tradesman. Yendak is also known by the locals to be the head of a secret organization, the Magpies. Aside from having a secret handshake that is totally awesome, the Magpies ‘fight the power’ through small acts against the Tulduroc forces, stealing food, raising prices, protecting locals, etc.

Yendak mentions to Glanrond Galaron that he is in need of some men to assist in some up-coming tasks, to which Glanrond and his friends incautiously all approach Yendak to discover what is up. Thankfully the Tulduroc soldiers were too hammered to take notice. Yendak asks for help either stealing or destroying the food stores of the Tuldurocs, or helping to smuggle some religious folks out of the occupied city. He expertly drew the following map on a napkin, showing the location of the food stores and the gate:

The group discusses ways to complete both tasks as one, and comes to the conclusion that they will need uniforms. Gediuan Lightsworn first approached the drunken guards and asked them if they had “found Paylor” to which one immediately grabbed the priest and exclaimed “Hey, we can get one right here!” That appeared to be code for Desmun Fatree and Glanrond Galaron to brutally dispatch of the ill-fated guards, much to the dismay of the now-traumatized bar-maiden.

The month after that first fateful night

A month passed by and the following happened:

More and more soldiers of Tulduroc have moved into Bremer/ Falshire, and despite the so-called Treaty of Irvel’s Gorge, many feel it was more of a surrender. The government of Falshire is oddly quiet, and Lord Tarmikos, steward of Falshire appears more puppet than leader. The general feeling is one of martial law where the occupying Tulduroc soldiers reign without question. People have been disappearing, rumors of anyone who shows uncanny luck, and people with historical and religious knowledge.

During this time:

  • Big G began training with, and fighting in the same underground combat circuit as Galaron Kuskyn.
  • Des became Galaron’s fight promoter and taught him the finer points of showmanship and working the crowd.
  • Des and Galaron began funneling fighters in need of healing Gediuan’s way; maybe for profit.
Chapter One
The Twilight Inn, and the death of Ol' Dick Lips.

Big G, Adran, Des, Galaron, Gediuan, and Mindartis eventually all find their way to the Twilight Inn in Falshire. They share a table, drinks, and stories – getting to know one another a little better.

The party, excluding Gediuan, gets totally schwasted over the next few hours and the details of the night are a little unclear, but the following is:

  1. An orc, whom the party later learns is an orc called Ol’ Dick Lips, drunkenly stumbles into the inn.
  2. Ol’ Dick Lips scrawls “Do not utter his name” (or something like that) on a table. The party later learns that name is Pazuzu.
  3. Ol’ Dick Lips dies.

The following is a bit unclear if it actually happened:

  1. Ol’ Dick Lips is afflicted by something nasty (blackish, tar-like goop) and the party learns from Father Tavish that laisha berries from the Wretched Swamps can save him.
  2. Mindartis Dain is nearly fatally chomped by a giant frog in the Wretched Swamps but is saved by Gediuan Lightsworn.
  3. Desmun Fatree steals the berries from a few clan members who really, really wanted the exact same berries as the adventurers, and he takes a masterfully thrown spear through his back for his efforts, and is saved by Gediuan Lightsworn, good thing he is around.
  4. The party slays a few clan members, retrieves the berries, and brings them back to revive Ol’ Dick Lips.

From Chad
The story begins…

The histories tell of a time, ages past, where the Gods of the world bestowed their powers upon the multiple races of the world. This was a time of great prosperity, and great calamity, for the people of the world found that the powers of the Gods are not to be used lightly.

Wars broke out between the Gods of good and evil; championed by their chosen Heralds – warriors who were gifted with the powers to call upon the Arcane, Heal, Channel Spirits, and speak with Nature. These wars changed the face of the world and almost brought upon its destruction.

The Gods themselves agreed to abandon the world to avoid catastrophic disaster, taking their chosen Heralds with them. These legendary champions of the Gods are now only remembered in children’s tales, and although the God’s names are still remembered, the Powers they once granted to their followers have become legend as well.

However, small groups of devote believers look for signs of the return of the Heralds, the return of the true Gods, and salvation. In recent years, there have been rumors and stories of those very legends come to life…

Current day…

The 10 nations are split in what is already being called the 100-Year War, and while the names of the cities often remains the same, who controls them shifts like the seasons.

The 10 Capitals are melting pots of the different races of the world. Mainly the home of Men, the cities are also home to those of the other races who seek the old ways, are outcasts from their society, or [OTHER]. The other races of the world blame everyone else for the departure of the Gods and have sequestered themselves into their own kingdoms, awaiting the return of their Gods.

Society is split into the wealthy Elites who maintain control over the governments of the 10 nations, and the lower-class workers, tradesmen, and militia who’s lives are trivial to the governing Elite.

The adventures find themselves in the city of Falshire, recently occupied by the enemy city/nation of [CITY/NATION NAME]. The occupation is still fresh, and there are rumors of rebellion in the city…

From Dave
Months have passed since the great treaty. On that fateful day two armies stood nervously respectful of one another and of the pact they were to strike. The handshake that follow seemed to echo 100. through the lands and shook the bowels of both nations. With the war finally over life has taken an eerie calm. To the public it came suddenly and without celebration. Soldiers have returned home to their families and fill the taverns at night.

You know two things in your heart to be true. You distrust the conditions of the treaty but do not know a whole lot about them. You have harbored a long time hatred of Tulduroc. Their ways are vile, they have a lower moral code, and their women are ugly. Any self respecting citizen of Bremer would never be associated with a Tuldurocan.

You know and respect each other from the nights you spend at the Twilight Inn. You keep company together during your off evenings and have known each other for months. Lately conversation has turned to talk of politics and distrust in the recent treaty. Some of you turn up your nose at the Tuldurocans in your city. Some feel pity that they have to them stoop to crawl into your space (but still distrust them). But mostly all of your distrust the treaty and its conditions. You settle into your regular Wednesday night booth and begin to talk as a fully dressed Tulduroc soldier walks into the Twilight and orders a drink at the bar.


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