Panros Torgarsaxe

Dwarf, male. Carpenter and wood-worker.


Panros Torgarsaxe is a carpenter and wood-worker in the city of Bremer. Hailing from the northern country of Eaglecrest, Panros set out as a young dwarf on his Walkabout, a coming-of-age journey where he must prove his worth and earn his place in the Battlehammers of Eaglecrest. The 100-Year War upset Panros’ plans and he found himself stuck in Bremer where he set up trade. He doesn’t love southerners, and detests Orcs.

Panros is a text-book dwarf, he’s a 7. Great beard, squinty eyes, unruly temper and fingers like sausages.


Panros Torgarsaxe

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