Meravar Carter


30 years old

Appearance: 6"4’, 230lbs., handsome, brown hair, goatee, tanned skin, burly and athletic, and a scar across forehead.

Confident with an intimidating yet graceful presence. I prefer action over talking. I love my city. Oh, and don’t forget about my trusty warhorse, Dirk.

I’m Chaotic Good, which means:

  • I’m a free spirit, rebel, and hedonist, with a good heart, and a violent streak.
  • I act as my conscience directs me, with little regard for what others and society expect of me.
  • One day I might commit crimes for my own gain, the next I might do good in my hometown.
  • While I’m good, I do have an axe to grind, and have no issue hacking down enemies who stand in my way.
  • Damn authority and challenge traditions.
  • Think John McClane, Han Solo, Dirty Harry, Wolverine, or Rexxar.

Personality: I’m full of inspiring and cautionary tales from my military experience relevant to almost every combat situation.

Ideal: Independence. When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny. (Chaotic)

Bond: I’ll never forget the crushing defeat my company suffered or the enemies who dealt it.

Flaw: My hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning. I also have a mild obsession and weakness for magic items


I was raised in an orphanage in Old Town and don’t know my family. I made my own way.

I am a well-known and respected Captain of the Catterick military and town guard. However, after suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of At the Hand of Fred the Wizard, I needed to find a way to retaliate. Seeking power to defeat Fred, I stumbled upon a tome which enabled me to contact the 570th layer of hell.

One night, after returning from a bar, I successfully summoned a succubus that agreed to take me to the 570th layer of hell. It was then, that I met the demon lord and Queen of Succubi, Malcanthet, a strikingly beautiful and exceptionally dangerous fiend. After an unusual week filled with equal parts torture, adult activities, and otherworldly indulgences, Malcanthet heard my plea. She was more than a little unclear in what I’d owe her, but hey, she taught me how to yield warlock magic that I might be able to crush my most-hated enemy.

My relationship with Malcanthet is odd. She still summons me to the 570 (pronounced 5-7-oh) for some fun. Sometimes she loves me, other times not so much… Women… The demon does not make her plans for me clear. She typically communicates through familiars or through my dreams.

I only recently returned to the city seeking Infinity Solutions, LLC after hearing of their capabilities. I’ve since joined them and have been building my capabilities to defeat my enemies, and helping clean up the city I love.

In addition to visits from Malcanthet, I’ve also recently been enjoying the company of Mary Hilltopple.

Magic Item Wish List

Uncommon Magic Items

(Typical Character Level 1st or Higher)

2 stars
  • Cloak of protection (1 AC) (F)
1 star
  • Pearl of power (regain a spell slot) (F)
0 stars
  • Bag of Holding
  • Brooch of shielding
  • Gloves of swimming and climbing
  • Goggles of night
  • Stone of good luck

Rare Magic Items

(Typical Character Level 5th or Higher)

3 stars
  • Belt of Giant Strength (Hill – 21 strength)
2 stars
  • Armor +1 (Plate)
  • Dragon Slayer (+1)
  • Ring of protection – 1 AC (G)
  • Rod of The Pact Keeper +2
1 star
  • Amulet of Health (19 Con) (G)
  • Boots of Speed (double speed and dis on opp at vs me) (G)
  • Shield +2
0 stars
  • Cape of the mountebank (dimension door)
  • Helm of Teleportation (3 teleports)

Very Rare Magic Items

(Typical Character Level 11th or Higher)

3 stars
  • Belt of Giant Strength (Fire – 25 strength)
  • Dwarven Plate (+2AC)
  • Nine Lives Stealer (Greatsword) (+2)
  • Rod of The Pact Keeper +3
  • Tome of leadership and influence (gain 2 cha)
1 star
  • Shield +3
0 stars
  • Figurine of wondrous power (obsidian steed)
  • Manual of bodily Health (gain 2 Con)
  • Manual of gainful exercise (gain 2 str)
  • Manual of golems(create a golem)
  • Manual of quickness of action (gain 2 dex)
  • Rod of absorption (counter spells to create spell slots)
  • Tome of clear thought (gain 2 int)
  • Tome of understanding (gain 2 wis)

Legendary Magic Items

(Typical Character Level 17th or Higher)

3 stars
  • Armor +3 (Plate)
  • Belt of Giant Strength (Storm – 29 strength)
  • Ioun stone of mastery (+1 prof bonus)
  • Robe of the archmagi (adv vs spells, DC & spell attack +2)
  • Vorpal sword (Greatsword)
1 star
  • Ring of invisibility
  • Ring of three wishes
  • Rod of lordly Might
  • Staff of the magi
0 stars
  • Iron Flask (summons creatures)

Meravar Carter

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