Maglubiyet the Conqueror


Maglubiyet the Conqueror is a goblin and the son of Maglubiyet the Wise. Both named after their fallen god, Maglubiyet, their aim is to reunite the tribes of the South East and find a way to bring back their god.

Maglubiyet the Conqueror stands to inherit The Heart of Maglubiyet from Maglubiyet the Wise.

Maglubiyet the Conqueror, though born a goblin in 1299 DR, now stands taller than an ogre.

Maglubiyet the Wise has fed his son pieces of Maglubiyet’s heart every day since his birth. The shamans of The Heart of Maglubiyet foretold of their god’s re-ascension once a faithful follower has consumed his entire heart. The heart is almost gone…

Maglubiyet the Conqueror

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