Galaron Kuskyn

Wood Elf Monk


Race: Wood Elf
Class: Monk
Background: Custom (Kick boxer)
Feat: Mobile
Alignment: Lawful Neutral



  • Galaron departed his wood elf tribe, Rillifane, some years ago when he felt they no longer protected the forest from corruption, and the tribe had made some sort of agreement with the shadow people. Several leaders from Rillifane were also hanged at this time. Galaron made his way to the nation’s capital, Falshire, where he met up with some of the seedier folk and has been making his wages in an illegal, competitive fighting circuit. Recent reports of shadowy figures in Falshire do not sit well with Galaron.

Before beginning his proper adventures, Galaron spent some time doing odd jobs for Yendak Driadson and The Magpies.


  • 6’2", 181lbs., pale, greenish hued skin. Complexion, ear shape, and eye color are all a bit racially ambiguous and aren’t overtly elven-looking.
  • Shaved head with a long, black pony tail.
  • Torso and arms full of tattoos of war deities.
  • Wears loose-fitting pants, cloth shoes, arm wraps, and a headband.


Notable Equipment

  • An elk horn longbow crafted by his father.
  • An invitation to the party where Dansa Redspear was murdered.

Traits, Ideals, Flaws, and Bonds

Personality Traits

  • Thinking is for other people. I prefer action.
  • Galaron fights for what he believes in, and prays to the gods of war.


  • Sincerity. There’s no good in pretending to be something I’m not. (Neutral)
  • Protecting the forest
  • Honor and glory of battle


  • Irrationally fears the dark shadow.
  • I have little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior.


  • The elk horn longbow crafted by his father is his most prized possession.
  • My honor is my life.
  • Galaron is from the same wood elf tribe, Rillifane, and even departed the tribe around the same time, as Gediuan Lightsworn. Galaron occasionally attends the church Gediuan attends, receiving special prayers to Corellon Larethian and healing services after particularly tough matches. Galaron likes to try to push Gediuan out of his comfort zone to try new and more things.
    Des and I are charging other fighters to receive healing from Ged. Ged agreed to do it, after some convincing.
  • Galaron is one of the first people Desmun (Des) Fatree met when he fled to Falshire. Des hid among some of the same seedy rings that Galaron frequented as these people were less likely to ask questions. Galaron is one of a few people who know why Des is on the lamb. Des was a slave; owned by the people who ran the circus. He escaped and I helped hide him and didn’t ask too many questions. There was a decent prize for his return.
    Des kind of became my sponsor and helped me with my showmanship to get me more fights and increase my wages. Some stuff works, other things do. He convinced me by saying I could fight more worthy foes via more visibility. Making me worthy of betting.
  • Mindartis?
  • Big G: In the month following the laisha berries incident, Big D began training under me and fighting in the fighting ring. Big G still blacksmiths on the side.
  • Adran Nailo hangs around with some of the departed Rillifane wood elves as Galaron as his half-elven heritage leaves him looking for a group to fit in with. Galaron has even benefited from Adran’s charitable meat donations when coin is low.

Galaron Kuskyn

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