Father Tavish


Patient, kind, and understanding, these are the words most people will use to describe Father Tavish. This gentle soul has been a priest since most of Falshire can remember. While Father Tavish is old coming up on 93, he is surprisingly quick witted and able. Most of the town does not seem to notice, and the ones who do just assume it’s ‘in his genes’.

What most fail to realize is Father Tavish is blessed. Not just happy or lucky, but really blessed by Pelor. Father Tavish has always had a strong belief in the gods, especially Pelor, and has been seeking to answers to why they abandoned this world so long ago.

When Gediuan Lightsworn entered the Cathedral a few years ago, something stirred inside Father. He could not explain it, but it brought both excitement and calm. Since that day Father has watched over Gediuan from afar and always ensured he was safe.

Father has also recently been involved in with the Magpies. Since the ‘end’ of the war the Church has been under watch and Father feels he can aid their cause.



Head priest at The Morning Sun Cathedral.

Father Tavish

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