Ernesto Rockheart


Ernesto is a famed (according to him anyway) halfling bard/rogue, front-man of Crystal Dick Pixies, lute-ist, and owner of Ernesto Rockheart’s Puke Hall A-go-go.

His tales are tall and his ballads are long. But there seems to be some truth to his tales of time travel, great magic, and an artifact called the Gulden Draak.

Ernesto Rockheart is a mustacheod halfling sporting a pony tail and righteous sideburns. He often dons dazzling red and gold garb that appears to darken when in motion. When he’s not picking his lute, Ernesto’s busy fingers are often found rolling the ends of his mustache. Despite his shadowy aura and the disembodied hand crawling about him, most feel a close connection with his genial persona. Ernesto’s companion, a fey displacer beast named Kevin, is never far from his side.

Ernesto Rockheart

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