Desmun Fatree


Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue
Background: Acrobat (Custom)
Feat: Mobile
Alignment: Neutral


About: Des is stranded, more or less but he’s come to accept it, more or less, and he REALLY wants to get back, mostly less. “The great Desmund Sky Strider” was a second rate acrobat in a third rate traveling show; so unimportant that they refused to fix the sign when they spelled his name wrong. Some time back, an evening raid by the Tuldurocians created just enough chaos for him to…get lost…on purpose. He then managed to spend the next few days continuing to be lost while the circus owners searched the town for their missing acrobatic property. Eventually, they moved on but he did not, instead he chose to make a new life doing odd jobs around the town; repairing rain damaged roofs, tossing hay from lofts, and occasionally filching the odd coin left untended.

Deities: Eh.

Desmun Fatree

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