Bunfer Battlehammer


Bunfer Battlehammer is a legendary dwarf whose formal introduction hasn’t been read in a century because Bunfer hasn’t the patience to hear it anymore.

While no one is exactly sure, Bunfer is said to be 1,000 years old. Bunfer is considered by most dwarves as the most influential and iconic dwarf alive.

Bunfer’s greatest accomplishment was unifying the dwarves of Eaglecrest under the Battlehammer banner. Largely due to Bunfer, the Battlehammers of Eaglecrest is now one of the strongest, largest, and most stable nations in all of Pangeros.

Bunfer remains in the mountains of Eaglecrest and leaves the “paperwork” to the smarter dwarves in the Eaglecrest capital, Longshot.

Bunfer Battlehammer

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