Root Nerds

The Lunch Bunch: Chapter 1

There they were, perusing the stocks of the busy New Town Market Square. They: a druid (Micah), Melthaen Brightsinger the Bard (Justin), a hermit monk called Parrish Goodbody (Erin), a dwarven barbarian named Fuzz Bloodbeard, and a cleric (Josh).

Knowing little of one another, the day seemed to them an ordinary one. Little did they know that this day be riddled with the trappings of fate herself. Little did they know that this day would hold great significance and weave the stories of each individual into a great tale. The Tale of the Lunch Bunch.

In short, a couple of wizardly fellows burst into the scene fighting over a magical artifact called the Hellis Vitus. A fight broke out with the Lunch Bunch victorious, Spatan and Oscar apprehended by the town guard, and the Hellis Vitus in the cleric’s possession.



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