Root Nerds

Chapter 9.1: Interlude

Part A.

I wanted to do a little background to what’s been happening in Catterick since your adventures.

The Endless Ale house (your bar for those who don’t know) has been doing very well. There might have been a few bad days, but with the treasure you’ve found you’ve been able to make it the best bar in Old Town. It has been called ‘The Jewel of Old Town’ by some. Everyone loves drinking and eating with their favorite heroes.

The bar’s success has resulted in you buying much more bread from the baker (Gyles) you contract from. His storefront has also seen additional foot traffic because of the reviews of the bread from customers at The Endless Alehouse. You learn that his wife has died many moons ago and that this new business has afforded Gyles to treat his only child, Ewis, to some of the pleasures of life. Such things as warm meals, a decent place to sleep, and Gyles was finally able to patch the leak in his roof.

The mines are still a battle ground with Yuan-Ti, who now boldly showing themselves and creating some pretty big battles. Captain Redger has been leading this battle from the mine and has had little time to go back to his office or meet with any of the adventuring party groups. He has been sending dispatches to check in with your group to check on the progress. He’s happy to see that you have all the pieces and are on the verge of getting the blessing so that you can enter the door and fight back this evil from the inside.

Part B.

This morning one of you early birds found another note from Hildo.

I see you found the book. I have something to do, but I’ll be back in a couple of days to do the blessing.

Have a magical day,
- Hildo

Part C.

Report from the front:

There was a big push from the Yuan-Ti 2 days ago but they were driven back and seemed to have retreated. There have been a few sightings here and there but no sign of an army. Yesterday most of the guard was reassigned outside of the city to take care of the brutal attacks from the orcs.

While it seems like the Yuan-Ti have been pushed back, Captain Redger still wants you to explore the mysterious door and what lies beyond. He is not sure what kind of danger lurks on the other side but reassures you the reward will be well worth it.

Enclosed is also a Greater Healing Potion (4d4 +4 healing)



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