Root Nerds

Chapter 16: The Death of a Barmaid

The group found out Sybel was murdered.

They found a dagger that said ‘Pizzonia’ on it and a book of matches from the Pizzonia bar and a pair of footprints in the mud.

The group told Redguard and he told them he was sure they could handle it better than his men, but had his men clean up and take official notes.

The group told the husband. He seemed upset but told them about her affair(s). The most current was with Baduman. She was a 10, the farmer was like a 3, so he was just happy he still got some action.

The group wanted to see his boots but he told them he didn’t want to show them because they were covered in poo, because he was a poo farmer.

The rogue in the party was peeking in the back window and saw the boots. He sneaked in and grabbed the boots for test them. Later the group noticed they were wiped clean even though the man said they were dirty.

Later they went to the bar to talk to Baduman. They wanted to see if he would reach for his dagger and decided to have a dagger tossing contest between him and Rod. Instead of reaching for his dagger he just grabbed one from his bar and they went outside and started tossing daggers.

No one was good, but finally Rod hit one and won the contest but was no closer to solving the mystery. After the contest they went inside to get the drink they earned. It turned out Baduman wasn’t a bad guy and actually mentioned Sybel and how they were running away together.

The group decided this was the best time to tell Baduman she was dead. He cried and was mad and blamed the husband. The group noticed Baduman was drinking a lot and decided to keep him drinking and took him home drunk.

Once in his house they searched the place. They found a box that seemed to house a dagger with a note. The note indicated that indeed a dagger was in the box and it was a gift from Baduman to his wife (Gizo) apologizing for the affair.

Of course, this is when the Gizo walked in and asked what 5 or so strangers were doing in her house. They began asking questions and learned that her and the Sybel’s husband had been having an affair. They asked about the dagger and she said he must have taken it when they were ‘peek-a-booing the bologna’ at her place.

They went back to the man’s house to find he left in a hurry and a not for Gizo stating he went to join the 5th Street Beats. While not the best gang, it was the one that took the most recruits.

There the party fought their way in, captured the husband and turned him over to Redgaurd.



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