Root Nerds

Chapter 13, 14, 15 - The Saving of the Hatchlings

...and the fall of Sir Sir Valor

13 – Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

The adventurers entered a room which had lava pouring into pools of lava from the ceiling. The pools never seemed to fill up and as the group went farther into the room, creatures started to escape the lava and attack.

On the far side of the room was a giant door which was locked, of course. The group deciphered an inscription ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, that’s the way the snake goes.’

The group found various large blocks that hard parts of different animals on them. Some of the party moved the snake blocks to the door while others bravely fought off the lava creatures.

Soon the party unlocked the door, opened it and was hit with an awful stench.

14 – The Yuan-Ti Sewers

As the group exited the large chamber they were hit with a smell that almost, well it did, take their breath away, and not in a good way. They were not in the Yuan-Ti sewers, and apparently snake people make some pretty awful smelling waste.

What’s worse than a sewer that smells so bad you almost pass out entering it? A sewer that has creatures living in there that want to take you for a swim.

The group encountered two smaller creatures that liked to descend from the ceiling and one giant creature that was able to grapple Chant and dunk into the water, knocking him unconscious.

Tayo leaped onto the creature, killed it and grabbed Chant before either of them went into the water (well Chant escaped a second bath). After that, the group came to a small room with holes in the ceiling. They could hear, children crying and adult Yuan-Ti talking.

Chapter 15 – Enter the Dragon

The group took what barrels and crates that were sturdy and used them to peek into the holes in the ceiling. They saw that the children were in a jail cell and their keepers were on the other side of the room sitting at a table.

Tayo casted a spell that made everything inside a space completely silent. Then they opened a the grate and started letting the children down. One of the guards noticed this and started yelling for help.

Orgost and Wendel exited the grates near the guards and began attacking. Orgost also set up a trap in the path into the room that would explode when a creature entered.

Soon, they heard a group of footsteps followed by one big pair coming down the hallway.

‘Well well well’ said the Dragon in a big booming voice. ‘Sir Sir Valor FINALLY decided to show his face’.

When he saw that Sir Sir Valor was not present with the group his face changed from smug to shock. Then his guards stepped on the rune Orgost had laid.


The Yuan-Ti guards were mostly killed, but the Green Dragon Wyrmling was far enough back to not be injured. He and what guards that were still alive used the newly blasted hole to cut off the adventure’s exit.

Wendel enchanted his arrows with lightning and starting shooting. Multiple strikes hit squarely on the dragon while his guards were affected by the sparks coming off the shots. It wasn’t long until the dragon lay on the floor gasping for air while the rest of his force laid in ruin.

When the party approached the dragon, his shape began to change and he turned into a long pale humonoid vague of any real detail. The party began to question him.

He said he did this to get his revenge on Sir Sir Valor, or Sir Valor, as he was called when he first heard of him.

He told them of a tale about how Sir Valor was in charge of stopping a zombie plague in the lands surrounding Catterick. The plague spread from city to city and his city was next. Before he knew about this the shapeshifter had taken on a human form and had married a woman he loved very much.

At the time of the plague, he had to leave on a business trip that was too dangerous for his wife to come and again was not aware of the plague. While gone Sir Valor decided it best to stop the plague by not giving it any victims and had the town killed before they turned into zombies and thus continued it’s spread.

It worked, though truth on how it was stopped was never revealed because his men took an oath and everyone was dead. The shapeshifter could not accept this and investigated, bribed, intimidated and fought for the answer until he learned the truth but no one would believe him.

Hearing this, the party actually seemed to feel a little bad and offered him the chance to live and come back and tell this tale in order to give Sir Sir Valor the punishment he deserved. The shapeshifter said he would never stop until he took his revenge himself and that no one would believe his story anyway. The party left him bleed out and took the children home through the secret passage.

Upon leaving the secret door to the Yuan-Ti it collapsed behind them, and their cloaks no longer seemed to turn them into Yuan-Ti.

The children returned to their homes, the town was happy and the group told Captain Redguard of Sir Sir Valor. Redguard told them that Valor left days ago, that they took a giant caravan, and left his old building in a hurry with a ‘black cloud’ overhead.

So the group took over Valor’s building, because it was much nicer than theirs. While the city put on a parade for the adventures, undead minions attacked with explosives and yelling ‘For Valor’.



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