Root Nerds

Chapter 12.lunch: Indiana's Bridge

From the journal of Meravar

Roll Call: DM Justin, Orgöst, Rod, Tayo, Wen-Del, and Meravar Carter.

Picking up where we left off, we made our way farther into the crypt. Stale, still air gave way to a slight draft, earthy scents, and the telltale trickling of a stream. The tunnel’s hewn stone walls led us to a naturally-formed cavern with an enormous, shallow pool some 60 feet below the ground on which we stood. The chasm formed a barrier between us and the exit. Immediately in front of us stood an ominous-looking book atop a podium.

Orgöst detected no magic emanating from the book, so Rod read it.

You see no bridge, you think you’re stuck
Though mist will shroud and light will bend
To find the path, you will need much luck

Puzzling… It’s about this time that we heard skeleton clicking and clacking from a room to our right flank. Wen-Del snuck over but accidentally stepped on a barking spider. The Yuan-ti zombie and skeletons, alerted by Wen-del’s choice of protein, attacked.

During the skeleton-rousing, I uncovered a hidden bridge by throwing rocks into the void, after noticing irregular shadows cast by my lit torch.

Invisible Bridge

A few skeletons were shoved into the chasm, some other are pushed by Tayo’s magically-inclined gust of wind, and so on – ultimately all of the undeath is returned to rest. Rod and Tayo barely make it out alive, each sporting several arrows protruding from their backs.

Before departing the large cavern, Rod finds a magical scroll, which contains The Sting of the Yuan-ti weapon enchantment. Wen-Del calls dibs for his bow.



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