Root Nerds

Chapter 11: Yuan-ti Horticultural Society

From the journal of Meravar

Roll Call: DM Justin, Orgöst, Elel, Wen-Del, Moon Moon, and Meravar Carter.

Safe in Sssaron’s cellar – that’s alliteration – we found a moment of respite. Sssaron divulged information to help us save the children from the evil dragon, Varzen. He spoke of a fern peddler in the city market called Ssspernicuss who knows of a secret tunnel.

After much deliberation, Moon Moon also settled on a snakey name, Slitherin.

After making our way to the market, we find a snake-headed Yuan-ti fitting the description of Ssspernicuss the fern merchant. I offered him 4 copper pieces for a 1 copper fern and information. He pulled us aside and said he’d reveal the secret tunnel’s secret location if we did something for him. Classic side quest. His request was for us to recover the Everlasting Fern, which he creepily covets, from the sacred garden.

With a bit of luck and guile, we were able to convince the guards that we were of the Yuan-ti Horticultural Society sent to spruce up the sacred garden. Get it? “Spruce?” A few well-placed ordinary ferns and extraordinary spells, and we escaped with the Everlasting Fern stowed away in my bedroll.

Old Ssspernicuss loved the fern. Before relinquishing the thirst-less thing, and my bedroll, I cut a snip of Everlasting Fern for myself. Hopefully that comes in handy. Ssspernicuss gave us a map with the secret tunnel’s location marked upon it, and told us that there are traps and other nasty things in the tunnels. And totally just laughed at us like a real creep.

Snip of Everlasting Fern

Next we returned to Sssaron’s cellar and learned of his rebels’ plans to attack the capital building while we sneak in the secret tunnel. Before departing I took a few wooden spears as potential trap triggers in the tunnel.

Then we found the tunnel, entered, and ransacked a retired King and Queen’s tombs for a few gems, emeralds, and jewels. The next room housed two large statues gazing upon a pile of silver. The treasure began speaking to me and Wen-Del, luring us towards its glittery goodness. The party attempted to stop us, but not before Wen-Del touched a silver piece. This of course set off a trap and brought the statues to life. The stone men nearly took Wen-Del’s and Elel’s life, but we took care of them in short order. We scored two gold for our efforts.

Finally, the next room also presented a trap. Teamwork, which as everyone knows makes the dream work, lead us to victory here. Someone pulled a lever which started filling the room with sand, and in concert, like a well-oiled golem, we each pulled a sconce to stop the sand and open a blocked pocket door.

Sand Trap

Short rest and end scene.



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